L - 50 Comics that influenced me #2

Admittedly, it was the relative realism of The Titans Marvel reprints that appealed to me visually - but that's not to say I wasn't exposed to the cartooning aspects of The Beano and The Dandy - 2 comics that are pretty much strained into the DNA of every Brit. A perennial favourite Christmas gift from any Aunty was the Beano and/or Dandy Annuals but the real juice was the fix from the comics in your local newsagent every week. For my sensibilities The Beano characters seemed to have more of a "bite" to them than those appearing in The Dandy - and Dennis The Menace was a favourite.  So much so that I was in the Dennis The Menace Fan Club (DING DONG) and wore my badges with undisguised pride.


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