L - 50 Comics that influenced me.

Comics have shaped my life.  Guided me in ways unfathomably and not strictly confined to my career choice.  But which are the ones that made the biggest impact throughout my early life?

There's a LOT of them to think about and I'm sure I'll miss some of them out but I've put together a pretty comprehensive, almost chronological list that covers 50 of them leading up to my first year at art college.

First up is THE TITANS!

This was a series of landscape format black and white reprints of Marvel comics (each page comprising of 2 U.S.format pages) with an original piece of artwork for the centrespread. Brilliant, mind blowing stuff for a 4 year old to glance through and absorb all those dense plotlines and ponderous dialogues. Food for a growing brain and lifelong obsession.


Ken Worthing said…
Mike, enjoy �� .,
Lee ferguson said…
Wow, those are cool ... I love that format!

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