L - 50 Comics that influenced me #3

Dennis the Menace was the first strip I read when The Beano hit the mat - aided, in part, by it usually taking the prime spot on the front and back cover - but when I opened up the comic I usually skipped and jumped over Roger The Dodger and Minnie The Minx...even evading the really rather wonderful Bash Street Kids ... if only to get to the strip that seemed more in line with my young, but burgeoning, visual sensibilities.  That strip was Billy The Cat.

Rather unusual for a cartoon heavy comic you may think but there's something of a tradition in the British humour titles that there's always a space for something slightly more serious. Having already been weaned on The Titans comic I think my fate was sealed at an early age -  and Billy The Cat spoke to me with it's real world setting, stylized crosshatching  and adventure lead stories.

Lovely stuff.


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