So, recently, AgentM - over on the Marvel Blogs - has been asking creators and editorial for their Top Five Lists and has posted my Top Five Records. Of course, this changes daily depending on what kind of mood you find me in but I can safely say that the five listed remain constantly within my favourite 20. What are yours?


"Mike Perkins's Desert Island Top 5 Records 2008-10-21 16:15:50

I'm back! I have a bunch of responses in the bag, so I'll try and put a few entries in the can and post 'em over the next few days.

Woo!So, yeah. Mike Perkins is awesome. He started my official Marvel sketchbook with a kickass Wolverine piece, tells totally funny and great stories and draws the hell outta everything he touches. Also, he says "record" instead of CD. I do that as well and it just sounds right to me.

Top 5 Records:

"Purple Rain" by Prince
"O" by Damien Rice
"Forty Licks" by The Rolling Stones
"How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head?" by A-Ha
"To Tu To Tam" by Grzegorz Turnau

Check out Mike's blog for your daily taste of Perkins.Wait...that doesn't sound right... "


Unknown said…
It's hard to pick five favourite songs of all time, like it's hard to pick your five favourite films. I'd have to include Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones, Life on Mars - David Bowie, April Skies - Jesus & Mary Chain, Motorcycle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers and Stand – Sly & The Family Stone. But if you asked me in two months time, it might be totally different…
JC said…
The question seem to be about favorite records, which is all the more difficult than picking favorite songs...and, like you say, the choices vary according to mood, stage of life, etc...but for now...

Van Morrision--almost any record, but we'll go with Tupelo Honey
The Call--Reconciled or Into the Woods (could live with either if I could have only one record)
Bruce Springsteen--Hammersmith Odeon, London '75
Pink Floyd--Animals
Indigo Girls--Nomads Indians Saints

Now, what about films?
Mike Perkins said…
Joel -

Good to see you around. Any time you want to advertise your Studio Space book over here -

-then feel free to do so!



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