Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This cover image has been uploaded on to the Marvel website at

Hmmmmmm.... wonder what it is???

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day by day

For the past six years I've had the priviledge to share studio space with the massively talented Butch Guice, first at CrossGen and then in our own studio overlooking Tampa Bay ( along with inker extraordinaire Andrew Hennessy and multi award winning colourist Laura Martin).
Now, Butch is a purveyor, purchaser and praiser of beautiful newspaper comic strips - most of which I have been totally unfamiliar with having grown up in England. Of course, we have our own comic strips to drool over (Jeff Hawke, Garth, Axa, Bond, Modesty Blaise, George and Lynne) but Butch has introduced me to some stunning artists that I may never have come across on my own. Just today he's pointed me to - even though it never appeared in the US, apparently. Check it out and try not to salivate too much.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Now THIS I'm pretty pleased about. I reckon the majority of any initial Cap film should take place in WW2 - if only to show his origin. Yet, we also need to sse that Steve Rogers is a different kind of man. He has a moral structure inherent to the era he grew up in - namely the Great Depression - and one of his most intriguing character aspects is "The Man Out of Time" dilemma.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008



Over the past three years I've been jumping around the Captain America title - totally enjoying myself. Starting off inking Steve Epting, then Lee Weeks for an issue, I continued to ink pages of Steve's and then progressed to pencilling and inking my own work on the title ( some pages of which are still available to buy if you check out the link to the right which takes you to ) . Throughout my time on the title I've also been working on other comics at Marvel including Union Jack, Annihilation:Conquest, X-Men:Endangered Species and House of M:Avengers amongst others. After a brief return to Cap, inking Butch Guice, pencilling and inking half an issue and, now on #38, inking Steve once again, I'm moving on to pastures new....soon to be announced.

Working with the editorial team of Tom, Molly, Aubrey and other Tom has been a very fulfilling experience. Working alongside the other artists has also been fantastic... but more then anything, getting the chance to work with Ed Brubaker and Frankie D'Armata has truly been wonderful... and something I'd dearly like to repeat in the future.... maybe on a Wolverine arc of 50 issues or so!! Now THAT would truly kick arse!


Being nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Art Team on Captain America is a wonderful, wonderful thing which could only get better if it was accompanied by an award from the venerable British Institution known as the Eagle Awards.

Which it has been.

The Death of Captain America ( #25 - 30), of which I was half of the penciiling/inking tag team along with Steve Epting, has captured the hearts of the voting public and been handed an Eagle! As a Brit this is a special, most coveted, career highlight for me. So thankyou all - it truly is appreciated.


I'll be honest with you - posting in this journal will be erratic, to say the least. Other considerations such as deadlines, family life and commissions come in to play ...but, what I'm planning to do is keep you fairly up-to -date on my career ( what's new, announcements, convention appearances) - including postings of some pages and panels as and when I do them. I may even start some monthly competitions with DVD and artwork prizes. Every now and again you may be on the receiving end of some observations and ...very rarely.... a rant or two. I may link to things that, I believe, would be in your interests to check out.