Day by day

For the past six years I've had the priviledge to share studio space with the massively talented Butch Guice, first at CrossGen and then in our own studio overlooking Tampa Bay ( along with inker extraordinaire Andrew Hennessy and multi award winning colourist Laura Martin).
Now, Butch is a purveyor, purchaser and praiser of beautiful newspaper comic strips - most of which I have been totally unfamiliar with having grown up in England. Of course, we have our own comic strips to drool over (Jeff Hawke, Garth, Axa, Bond, Modesty Blaise, George and Lynne) but Butch has introduced me to some stunning artists that I may never have come across on my own. Just today he's pointed me to - even though it never appeared in the US, apparently. Check it out and try not to salivate too much.


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