Here's a brief video of the beginning of my signing at Orbital comics in London. You'll notice that Mike Carey is diligently sitting down and working already. It was a fantastic day, starting with a booze up with some well respected colleagues and ending with a booze up, and balti, with more well respected colleagues. Thanks to all who came along and if you're featured in the video give me a shout out.

If any of you other creators happen to be in the area of Leicester Square Tube Station I'd highly recommend getting in touch with them to do a signing.

Additionaly, here's a short write up on Joel Meadow's TripWire site - complete with photos just to prove I was there!! :


jon haward said…
yep it was great seeing you and Mike Carey plus the others ,pics of the pub meet are on my blog.
by the way read The Stand and its a brilliant book ,great story and great art, just glad i didn't have swine flu when i was reading it :-)



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