Out this week is Origins of Marvel Comics #1 featuring two origin tales I've illustrated ; the all new Captain America and Moon Knight.

Also - keep an eye out for my Captain Britain variant cover for Age of Heroes #1. Here it is below shown EXCLUSIVELY without the uniform "Heroic Age" background.


JC said…
Yes, yes, yes! Didn't know you were working on a Moon Knight tale. Started reading the new Vengeance of Moon Knight because Jerome Opena was illustrating. I struggled with Hurwitz's writing a bit as it felt choppy to someone fairly unfamiliar with Moon Knight. But, the powers that be took Jerome Opena off the title, so it was easy to give up. But a Mike Perkins Moon Knight is a must! Didn't know about this book so thank you for posting.
Hope you are well.
Shane said…
Fantastic art, as ausual! I love the Bucky/New Cap Origins page! I have a copy of it from a free Siege preview, in my locker at work!
JC said…
I know you are very well known for your Cap stuff, and rightfully so, but that MK page looks amazing. You have such a gift. I can't wait to see these tomorrow, yet I wish there was more than one page each.
JC said…
So, speaking of May 19 releases, did you pick up Avengers? Though I feel Brian Bendis writes certain titles very well (always subjective, I know), I did not like his work on New Avengers, and I have to say I find his new efforts with the Avengers team too flippant and frolicking. I probably shouldn't post something like this on a blog as there are a ton of fans who love his work so I will probably be skewered, but while I like to think comic heroes like to have fun as well, Bendis' Avengers are more witty and have more one-liners than a Seinfeld episode. It is fun, to a point, especially when, to me, these guys and gals are kick-butt heroes. And yes, I know some of the characters have been defined by their wit and ability to joke in the midst of stress and battle, but there simply is no limit--even the commentary boxes are relentless in their pursuit of the perfect parody. All that to say, I actually enjoyed reading it for a bit, but after a while I felt like someone was trying to force jokes and finely crafted wordplay down my throat.
Any thoughts oh exclusive to Marvel sage? Am I simply too much of a old coot?

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