The death of Captain America was a HUMUNGOUS success both critically and commercially and I'll always be grateful that I was a part of that - the Eagle Award we won as a team for the story arc covering issues 25-30 sits in pride of place in my studio.

Here's a commission of the actual shot that took the good Captain down - surrounded by the true villains of the tragedydrama. I liked that image of the character of Sin so much I utilized it on a later commission!


JC said…
Mike, you are amazing beyond my limited use of the english language! Stunning.

You must have known Marvel would bring Cap back since noone ever dies in the comics, they just stop breathing for a few months, but at the time you guys did a great job of selling Cap's monumental death because you and Mister Brubaker and Mister Epting told the story with such power, depth and seeming "reality" (wasn't this a comic? reality?). Did you know at the time the plan for bringing Cap back, or were you with most of us, who while never wanting to see the death of such a great hero we appreciated the story that was told and actually thought if Cap had to die, this was how it should happen, at the hands of these great creators in the midst of this woven tale? I confess that while Cap has been a favorite of mine due to his role on the Avengers back in the day, I actually thought he might remain "dead" (comics, Jeff, comics) and that that's how it should be now. So, the short question in all of this is, did you know he would be back not because that's how things go in the comic world but because you were privy to the long-term plan?
Mike Perkins said…
Ed played everything close to his chest - I didn't know what he had planned. So much so that I was working on issue 26 whilst Steve was illustrating issue 25 and when I got to the panel of Captain America's withered corpse I had absolutley NO idea what was going on!!

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