The New York Comic Con is way down the road ( October 8th-10th) but I've started to get my travel details together and will be attending. I doubt that I'll have an artists alley table (sometimes I just want to enjoy the show and do a little schmoozing) but will, no doubt, be signing at the Marvel booth at some point during the weekend. I have a few other commissions to get through before-hand but I WILL be taking on commissions before the show itself and dropping them off to people personally. So if you'd like to get on the list - and will be attending the NYCC - then drop me a line at and I'll see what I can do. Please tell me if you're more interested in a convention sketch ( $60 for a head and shoulder, $150 for a full figure) or a more refined commission illustration (prices on my site :

Go on....challenge me!


JC said…
Trying to convince Deb we need a trip to NY. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

One of the aspects you are so good at is layout and schematic determination. How often do you change what you have done for the first step, or do you typically roll with what comes to mind first?

Will work for tickets to NY!
JC said…
Still trying to convince Deb that a trip to NY is what our family really needs right now, or at least in October. She isn't buying yet...

With regard to the step by step, which is very cool to see, one of the things you are very adept with is layout and sequential presentation (VERY GOOD AT), so I am wonderin if you go through several "first" layouts or are you at a place at which you have such a gifted "eye" that you can see in your mind what needs to come next and how it should be presented that you pretty much go with your first layout every time?

Will work for tix to NY...
There is the Book of Life, which is the ultimate list to be on in my perspective, but Mike Perkins' commission list isn't far behind.

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