Thrilled to be moving on to Astonishing X-Men next:


Marjorie Liu and I have been talking for a long time about collaborating on something together, and we were working on a pitch for a project that we'd still love to do at some point, then the opportunity to work on Astonishing X-Men arose which seemed like a perfect fit for us.


JC said…
Very excited. Don't know all of these characters so am looking forward to getting to know them through your amazing story-telling.
Suzene said…
Also very excited, but that's because Northstar, Karma, and Kyle are some of my favorite characters. (I'm fond of Cecelia too, but she hasn't been allowed to do much of anything since the 90's, so we'll see what Ms Liu's take on her is.)

It's really an unexpected line-up, but in the best way. I have the feeling this is going to be pretty awesome.

Just don't forget the pointed ears on the sarcastic Canadian. ;)
Mike Perkins said…
The ears are there! So is the sarcasm!
Suzene said…
Annnnd this arc is officially pre-ordered!

(See, internet? There are some benefits to feeding the rabid fangirls! ;) )

But I guess that's a question there. Any indication on whether this is going to be an ongoing gig for you and Ms Liu, or is it just the single arc confirmed at the moment?
Mike Perkins said…
Our run is " open ended". If it's popular we'll keep going and going!
Suzene said…
Very sweet. I'll do my best to contribute.

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