I take a considerable amount of joy in all the commissions I illustrate.  They're a chance to, at times, tackle characters I don't usually receive the opportunity to play with and the results are almost always very rewarding.  All of them are a breath of fresh air....and I always jump with excitement when someone commissions a 2000ad character.  I've been waiting a loooong time to receive a Johnny Alpha Strontium Dog commission!

This one's actually based on a cover design I produced for House of M:Avengers #3 ( that particular one featuring the Punisher) as it was a particular favourite of the commissionee...


JC said…
This is a masterpiece beyond compare, Kind Sir. Johnny Alpha and his many tales are what comic-dom should be, and this wonderful representation captures all of that in such a brilliant and lovely mosaic. The detail and life contained within each character--there is none better.

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