I've just seen the trailer to The Stand and it looks fantastic! Well done to all those involved in making it. It makes me want to rush out and pick it up myself!



Anonymous said…
hell mike that looked cool a great trailer for you bud
Mike Perkins said…
Cheers, Jonny,

I've put a link over there in my "linkage" section to your site.

Anonymous said…
thanks mike every little bit helps and i guess alot of your fans don't know i'm out there or that we go back a fare bit your inks on my tomorrow man poster is in my gallery ,still have that page ,by the way after working on him on and off for 6 years ''tales of the buddha on the road to enlightenment'' is a go for a collected book ,once jamie finishes colouring all star superman he'll be colouring up and lettering the book it will be the same size and page count as a asterix book with a intro by john wagner alan grant has told me he's had the best fun writing for me on it as its been a long wait mike but your laugh ya socks off when i send you a copy.
its been a hoot to draw .

so pleased for you that the stand has a real buzz about it can't wait to give steve b a copy when its out ,cheers jon
JC said…
Y'know, these trailers are relatively new, and I think I have only watched one other as I think a "trailer" for comics is kind of odd. I guess I am an old stodgy guy who resists change, but I had to watch this one, and have to admit, it is kinda cool.

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