From the Marvel site:
Heroism in the Marvel Universe doesn't end at the boundaries of the United States—and neither does villainy.Whether they hail from fictional lands such as Wakanda and Latveria or real exotic locales ranging from Japan to the UK, some of Marvel's greatest stalwarts have emanated from way outside of Manhattan.We asked some of the extended Marvel family—including England's Paul Cornell and Mike Perkins, Mexico's Humberto Ramos and Spain's Rafa Sandoval—for their most beloved characters from across the world.


JC said…
Gotta go with Piotr Rasputin--Wolverine gets all the credit for the fast-ball special but Colossus is the man with the umph. Deb and I visited Irkustk and I just feel like the history of Russia has such a defining impact on her people. Ol' Piotr has represented his country well.

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