Unless you somehow missed SECRET INVASION #8 last week, you know by know that the Skrulls did not claim victory in their attempted conquest of Earth, but the good guys didn't manage to notch a true win either.
When the dust settled, we didn't see Iron Man, Wolverine or Thor standing tall, the hero of the day, but rather Norman Osborn, the one-time Green Goblin who scored the kill shot on the queen of the Skrulls and earned the adulation of a grateful nation.
As we saw this week in SECRET INVASION: DARK REIGN, Norman has some insidious plans for the Marvel Universe, and things will likely get a whole lot worse before they get any better.However, this doesn't mark the first time the bad guys have walked away the victors in their struggles with Marvel's heroes. In the end, good may always triumph, but evil sure manages to have some fun along the way.
We asked various Marvel editors and creators to recall times the villains came out on top and received the following responses.


JC said…
I actually didn't read Secret Invasion (other than the world-class Who Do You Trust? one-shot...), so don't really know what is going on...but the victorious villainy that comes to mind is Mastermind disrupting Wolverine's wedding day...I really liked Mariko, but I guess Wolverine couldn't be the Wolverine that is in every Marvel title if he had to be home with his wife as well...

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