He was not pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered.


I first came across the magnificence that is The Prisoner when I was about 16. I had a Saturday job in The Place - a comic shop in Wolverhampton - and Colin Bayley, the owner, was a big Prisoner fan. Every now and again we would attend comic marts and I would stay at Colin's in order to get an early start and we would inevitably end up watching videos of The Prisoner. I loved the curious absurdity of it all and I'm sure I horrified Colin when I laughed at the "Rovers" ( those big white weather balloons that acted like security guards for The Village) as he confessed that they truly terrified him as a child.

A year or so later I attended the Prisoner convention held in Portmeirion every year and , although I really couldn't get my head around the role playing aspects and discussion groups of it, I could appreciate the otherworldliness of a short break with friends in a truly original small village in Wales.

If you haven't had the chance, opportunity or inclination to check out The Prisoner I highly recommend it. It's truly unique. Much like Mr. McGoohan himself.
Be Seeing You.


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