Last Saturday I spent an hour or so at my local library ( Austin Davis Public Library ) talking about what I do, showing artwork and taking questions from a varied group of about thirty people - just the right amount to chat to on a Saturday afternoon, I feel! One of the best parts about doing these talks is meeting the children who read the books - especially if they're doing that alongside their parents.

While I was yakking on and on one of the chidren - Joey - drew a Captain America picture for me and...well...it was really fantastic and I reckon more people should be exposed to this young talent - so here you go:


JC said…
The fact that you make yourself available to the kids of the world is an incredible testimony to you. The fact that something like this moves you is an even greater statement. You are truly one of the greats in every aspect.

That being said, I am expecting to see Joey's name on a credits page soon. Does Mister Lee check your blog?
jon haward said…
great stuff, me thinks another comic artist in the making :-)
Anonymous said…
Mr. Perkins, you are a real gentleman. Kudos to you for taking the time to give to the "future stars".
Mrs. Gladden said…
You are exactly right. Joey is a very talented child. I should know, I spent many hours with him each day as he is in my second grade class. The other students really look up to him and admire his work. He even started giving "drawing lessons" to fellow classmates! I am sure he will be well know one day for his passion is art.

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