This one's another sketchbook commission - this time of Cloak and Dagger - a dynamic duo whose earlier adventures are now available in a collected hardback edition featuring gorgeous artwork by Mr. Rick Leonardi.


JC said…
As much as I look for your work in the e-world, this is one I had never seen. Truly fantastic! Again, you demonstrate the uncanny and very rare ability to capture the essence of those that you illustrate, even when their are multiple people with such different personalities and characters are composed into one illustration.

Gotta get a towel to wipe this drool from the keyboard.

Jim Campbell said…
That's superb, Mike. Thanks for the heads-up about the collection, too. The Leonardi/Austin art combo was a real winner in my book.
Mike Perkins said…
Jim -

That Leonardi artwork is, indeed, excellent. I had the good fortune to ink Mr. Leonardi on the Green Lantern/Aliens crossover and reeeaallly enjoyed it - there was so much fluidity and freedom to his pencils. I remember the initial phonecall to tell me about my involvement in the project and my "jumping up and down" response.
JC said…
The burning question of the day, is this a weekend event as well?

Thanks again for posting these--it is a blast.

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