I sat next to Marjorie Liu for a signing at the Marvel booth in Chicago and found her to be extremely charming, attractive and intelligent. I'd previously experienced her writing in NYX, Dark Wolverine and - just released at the time - the new Black Widow series ( which comes highly recommended ) and, after chatting with her for some time, figured I would check out her novels too. She's a prolific writer and all of it is quality work. If you can get over the "Romance" packaging of the novels they're well worth tracking down and they usually deal with our very own realities, sidestepped into the super natural, heightened by intrigue, mystery, adventure and depth of character.

I was both honoured and a little bit terrified at kicking off her own sketchbook but figured I had to do something that may keep the input of sketches in there at a comparable quality - hope it works out like that ! So, above, we have a portrait of Marjorie surrounded by characters she has brought to a vividly, searing life ; l to r - X23, Daken ( Dark Wolverine), Kiden (NYX), Natalia Romanova ( Black Widow) and, her very own creation from the Hunter Kiss novels, Maxine Kiss.

More information on Marjorie's life and work can be found at her own blog at :

or her website:


Jim McCann said…
Pretty!!!! And envious! :) Great as always. This may even be better than your giant-sized Man-Thing
Anonymous said…
I love Marjorie and all of her books; especially love Maxine Kiss which are more urban fantasy than romance. And her short stories are just kick ass!

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