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On Wednesday, March 28th we will make available for sale all the original art for Astonishing X-Men #48, the issue which ushers in a whole new era for the title with the start of the brand new creative team of writer Marjorie Liu and after almost 4 years of work on his Magnum Opus (Stephen King's The Stand), the triumphant return to mainstream superhero comics of Masterful Mike Perkins!

I already have these pages in hand and I can tell you they are as beautiful as anything Mike has done so far in his career! But please take note: In celebration of Mike's return to mainstream superhero work, we're going to try something different. Before debuting the art here on the site, we'll be debuting it first over on, and possibly even on eBay. Plans are not confirmed yet, so check this page first and then go check out those other two sites!

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