Here's a peak at the first four pages of Astonishing X-Men #48 - due out next week ( March 28th). The first issue of a brave new era for this series by Marjorie Liu and...ahem...myself!

Andy Troy has been doing a wonderful job in the colouring department - absolutely gorgeous! I figured you may also want to look at the black and well as a sneaky peak at two more pages (shhhhh) !


Suzene said…
For one wonderful moment, I thought Warbird was holding Cyclops' severed head. Tease. ;)

Were you basing your Northstar's look heavily on the old Byrne version? He looks to have the same, centered, elf-like features, but put through your artistic filter. It's really very cool!
Mike Perkins said…
Northsatr is, indeed, based on Byrne's design...just the way he should be!!

...and thanks! Only a couple of more days to go until you can check out the issue!

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