I have an interview about the Stand, with the Birmingham Mail, up at :

This interview was conducted by a good friend of mine - Mr. Paul Birch. In fact, Paul got me my first work at Marvel! Being a truly concientious person, Paul would always recycle his paper and, whilst sending in some plot ideas to Marvel UK, he printed his ideas out on the blank side of one of my photocopies.

At that time Marvel didn't require the dependable assistance of Mr. Birch but...."who did the illustrations on the back? We could send some work his way!" And there you have it, my first work with Marvel UK....with Dan Abnett writing... on Biker Mice From Mars!

There's also a link in the Birmingham Mail interview to another chat I had with Paul. If you ever wanted to understand the inner churnings of some of the final days at CrossGen comics then go and check it out.




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