It's that special time on the Marvel site when a group of editors and freelancers reveal their darkest, innermost secrets.

This time, the big question is:

What's your favourite Spider-Man Team-Up?


JC said…
Good call on the Wolverine/Spidey one shot--if I recall, the last line from Wolvie to Spidey is, "Walk west until your hat floats."
I gotta go with Spidey and Wondy vs. the ol' Griffin. Al Milgrom did the cover and I am a huge Milgrom fan, so that was a huge bonus for me at the time.
JC said…
One of the greatest team ups is Cap and Falcon, but another is Cap and Bucky. We didn't discuss the ins and outs of the current Cap story line--wondering how you feel about the death of Steve Rogers and the fact that Bucky, who was brainwashed for years, took over the Cap role. Now that you are not on the title, do you read it? The latest issue brought back a little of the Cap and Falcon era, but with Falcon in the mentor role, which is cool to me. Anyway, Cap and Falcon has to be among the greatest team-ups, though I guess you can't call it a "Team-up" unless Spidey is hanging around...
Mike Perkins said…
I was reading Cap before I started working on the book and have continued to buy it now that I'm working solely on The Stand. Ed and Steve have consistently produced astounding work and continue to do so. I look forward to many, many more issues of their collaboration.

I'm also excited by Luke Ross joining the team, too.

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