Saturday was "Free Comic Book Day" and I spent the time signing at Yancy Street Comics in New Port Richey, Florida. It was really quite busy with a constant flow of sketches being knocked out between 11.00 and 3.30.

Sitting next to me was the magnificent Mike Deodato Jr. and his wonderful wife - having been flown in from Brazil for the signing . It's the first time I've met him and , hopefully, not the last. We got on extremely well and even managed to jam on a few pieces.

I also got to meet up with a few friends and colleagues and had a great time all round - even when I was choked by Darth Vader himself. He really must get that asthma seen to.


JC said…
Sir, what a wonderful treat for Free Comics Day--comic creators of your caliber hanging out at the shops--doesn't get much cooler than that. You truly understand the fan.
I took the kids to our local shop in hopes of picking up few of the free kids' comics (there was a Lightning McQueen comic I had seen as one of the options) but by the time I could get the kids there the shop had been picked clean so since I told them we would be getting them a comic I let them choose from the kid's section and they each picked the a Wolverine and Power Pack issue (because it had the "Hand" in it and we have the Super Hero Squad Hand figure). They actually both chose the same issue and in my practical mindset I tried to talk them into choosing different ones so they could read and trade them. But they each wanted the same one, and in the end, what's wrong with that!
Glad to hear about your adventures--what an amazing day--Free Comic Day with Mike Perkins and Mike Deodato. Wow.

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