I'm a huge fan of Greg Rucka's writing - and, in particular, his Queen and Country books ; both in the comic form and his subsequent novels. Today I present to you his damaged heroine - Miss Tara Chace:


JC said…
Queen and Country? Am ignorant, but I am thinking I need to change that. I am always afraid, though, that your illustration will end up being better than the story itself. But, good reading in the comic world is a bit tough to locate right now (2 weeks until the final issue to the Soul Survivor arc and then a really long break from good stories, though there a couple that are decent on the shelves).
Looks like Steve Rolston started the title with Rucka. I am unfamiliar with his art, but what I have found so far reminds me of Steve Dillon (ironically), but I could be way off since I have only found a few sketches. I see Chris Samnee worked some of the story as well. I enjoy his "reverse" style.
You recommend starting at the beginning or jumping on at any specific point? Remember, the story now has to live up to this illustration...so it has to be really good!
Another great silhouette in the background. You are the master.
Mike Perkins said…
Definately start at the beginning. In fact, I believe you can now buy them in phonebook-style collections. The artwork can get a little cartoony - but, much like Locke and Key, this can actually aid the flow of storytelling.
S.H.I.E.L.D boy said…
I think you should draw a Q&C story.
I loved it.

Shane said…
Never realized what a great match you are for Queen and Country, that would rock! Very cool to see you are a fan!
JC said…
Got my Definitive edition and had to pull myself away to put the kids to bed...great reading. I see why you like--overall story is great, and while the art is "simple" in detail and expression, it tells the story wonderfully. Your ability to tell the story and yet capture so much character is one of the things that make you unique and great, and coveted for every story. But the art in Queen and Country is fun. It tells the story. And it is a blast to read.

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