R.I.P. John Hicklenton.

From the 2000ad message boards:

We have just been informed by Pat Mills that John Hicklenton has sadly passed away.

Here are a few words from Pat: John Hicklenton passed away peacefully last week. His ending was an expected one and he saw it as a triumph over his illness MS. Amongst his final words to me were "MS - you have a week to live, you've met someone you shouldn't have f***** with". A great artist and a true hero.

Pat Mills

I met John a couple of times - we had the same agent - and he was always very nice...a little weird, perhaps...but who of us isn't?!! Pat, my agent, would tell me stories of his original art...created on whatever he could find or cobble together ( deconstructed cereal boxes being most prominent in my mind). He was a true original and the spontaneity in his artwork was truly inspirational and unmatchable. Goodbye, John.


Rufus Dayglo said…
John drew his art pretty large.. but it was all on CS10 board..he was a Pro... at 18 years old, straight from school.
He did a lot of collage though..so that's probably what his agent was referring too. He'd work directly on the floor, listening to music, smoking away.. how he got anything done, god only knows.. but his work was intricate, magical, and utterly unique.

He was my friend, a huge artistic influence to me, and a sage witty man who didn't feel sorry for himself, but was determined to work in spite of illness.
Mike Perkins said…
Rufus -

yeah, he was a good bloke and will be missed as an inspiration of creativity and courage...and , in your case and many others, as a good friend.

Hope you're keeping well yourself.

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